The Glenerin Inn & Spa, Mississauga

I've been looking specifically for venues that have bridal suites available for the bridal party to get ready. I would like to have my bridesmaids and I to arrive either the night before the wedding or early the morning of. I plan to have the hair stylist and makeup artist come to the location while we get ready and have our pictures taken. A grooms quarters is optional because I think my fiance and his groomsmen will be ok getting ready at his parents place.

The Glenerin Inn is just west of Toronto. I really like the way this boutique venue combines sophisticated modern styling with classic old-time charm. It has overnight accommodations as well as spa services! Definitely a venue worth checking out.

Venue: Glenerin Inn & Spa
Capacity:  20-120 (intimate gathering or medium size party)
Approximate price per head: unknown
Location: 1695 The Collegeway, Mississauga, ON
Phone: 905-828-6103
Email: Contact them using this form

The Glenerin Inn would be a nice venue because not only does it have guest rooms and accommodations, but it also has spa services too! I think it would be nice to stay here the night before the wedding so me and my bridesmaids could relax and have fun. If it wasn't for the capacity of this venue I would definitely keep this place in mind, but it looks like we're expecting approximately 175-200 guests and the website says the Glenerin Inn has a maximum of 120. I emailed them anyway because they might somehow be able to accommodate our party size! In the meantime, my search for wedding venues in the GTA continues.

Did you find the perfect venue for your wedding? Tell me about it in the comments :)

Graydon Hall Manor, Toronto

I've only just started doing the research to find the perfect wedding venue for us. We're planning to have the wedding in November which is only 9 months away! It might seem almost crazy to try planning a wedding in less than a year, but I know it's doable :) Hopefully we can find a venue we like and secure the date within the next few weeks. So I'll be reviewing a lot of venues over the next few days and I'll post the details for those of you that are also trying to decide on a place for your reception.

I've been searching online and asking around on forums for wedding venue recommendations. The Graydon Hall Manor is one of the places that is repeatedly mentioned and I can see why! There are lots of great testimonials regarding it's style and service. It's definitely a beautiful venue so if you're looking for elegance and luxury, you'll definitely want to consider this place.

Venue: Graydon Hall Manor
Capacity:  20-250 guests (intimate gathering or large party)
Approximate price per head: $175 (will vary based on options and services included)
Location: 185 Graydon Hall Drive, Toronto, ON 
Phone: 416-449-5432

Complimenting the elegant architecture of the building, the large estate has beautiful gardens and patios that are perfect for taking lots of wedding photos. It looks like it can host a lovely ceremony in the garden and a grand reception on the patio. 

Graydon Hall does a great job at hosting extravagant outdoor receptions. If I had a summer wedding I'd definitely have an outdoor patio arrangement decorated with lots of fabric, lighting and flowers. 

My wedding will be during the colder month of November though, so we're looking for an indoor venue. Graydon Hall's boutique style dining rooms and parlors make a great setting for either a sit down dinner or cocktail style party. 

The manor is just as extravagant, if not more, in the evening with the stunning outdoor lighting. 

Another good point to consider, this venue includes complimentary parking for 120 cars. Other Toronto venues may not include any parking accommodations. 

I love that this venue has a Bridal Suite and Groom's quarters for getting ready. Although I do love my home, I'd prefer to have the bridal party getting ready at a location where we can take lots of photos and videos before the wedding. I wouldn't be able to get ready at this venue though, because they only open at 10 AM. I'm going to be getting married at a church, so that wouldn't be enough time to get ready at the venue and then travel to the church. Ideally I need access to a suite earlier in the morning so we can all get ready and then take the limo to the church. 

Overall, this definitely looks like a great place in the Toronto area to get married. It's priced higher than other venues I've looked at, but it looks like the value is justified. They have a detailed pricing sheet on their website but it seems to be dated for 2013 so I don't know if the rates still apply for this year. 

Graydon Hall is hosting an open house on January 25th from 1pm to 4pm. My fiance and I will try to attend. It'll be the first venue we visit! Quite exciting! 

Have you ever been to Graydon Hall for either a wedding or other event? What venue do you like? 

Wedding Venues in the GTA

This is the first time I'm really making the effort to actually plan our wedding. We're aiming for November 2014 which leaves us roughly 9 months to budget and plan for our big day.

My fiancé and I have actually been engaged since November 2012 but have been so busy with our own startup company, plus our day jobs, that we didn't have time to do any planning until now. I know a lot of couples will take at least a year or two to plan, but I'm confident we'll have everything ready in time.

According to friends and family, typically the order we should be doing the planning is to find a church and book a date, then find the venue available on that date, after that all the other details we can work on until the big day. I guess I did it out of order because I bought my dress last year on a whim (no regrets! I still love it!), we still haven't booked a church, and I'm looking at venues now for us to check out. My mom suggested I look at other venues besides banquet halls so our wedding is different from most of the ones we've previously attended. I like the idea, but just need to find some good ones that are available in the greater Toronto area.

As I research venues, I'll share my findings here.

Is anyone else getting married soon? How is your planning going?


Hi! My name is Lene. I'm revamping my blog and starting fresh with the beginning of a new year! This will be a very busy year for me because I'm planning my wedding :) I think this is a great place in my life to start blogging again, meet new people, make new friends, experience new things, set new goals, and give you a sneak peek at how I go about it all.

Some quick points about me:

  • left handed
  • Virgo
  • procrastinator
  • addicted to TV (usually must be on in the background even if I'm not watching) 
  • video game addict 
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  • hoarder of stationary (I love notebooks and pens) 
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  • inspired by the Law of Attraction
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  • animal lover (I have 2 cats and 1 dog, but would own a zoo if I could) 
  • action, comedy, mystery and suspense movie enthusiast 
  • happiest when relaxing at home 

I look forward to sharing with you what I learn and experience. Hopefully you can share your experiences with me too :)